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Jonas Sulzer

Written on February 10, 2018

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After I had already created a website with Melvin for the Vocational Qualification he asked me to create a website for him himself. As a very good runner respectively orienteer it is more and more important for his future to find sponsors. In addition to the running activity, the social media and internet presentation is also a criterion for them.

As a special challenge Melvin gave me the task to establish an indicator which shows the scroll progress as a percentage of his half marathon time. At the top of the page it shows 0:00:00 and rises continuously as you scroll down to currently 1:13:13.
After some research I came across a little Javascript called "scrollprogress" from Jeremias Menichelli (under open source license), which allowed me after some initial difficulties to read out this scroll percentage value and use it in my own Javascript.

Now for those who wonder how the final product looks and "feels", have a look at the website here:

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