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Jonas Sulzer

Written on December 14, 2017


As part of our project work at the Gymnasium Liestal, I compared various organs on an educational trip in Berlin together with a friend of mine.

As a mixed class with the main subjects music and mathematics we went to Berlin for almost a week. In small groups we could choose one topic each, which we persued during this week. We have chosen the diversity of Berlin's organs because we wanted to have a theme which provides a certain connection between our main subject music and the city of Berlin.

The preparation of our project consisted of finding as many churches as possible with interesting organs and the corresponding contact details of parishes and organists. Next, we had to make appointments and somehow get everything into the densely packed calendar.

Beside this, we had to familiarise ourselves with the functionality and construction of organs as we both don't play the organ but only the piano (and of course our main instruments the oboe and the cello).

Finally we went to Berlin. We were very excited about what to expect.

After an interesting week we started to create the product of the project:
On the following website you will first find some general information about the functionality of organs and at the end an interactive map with pictures and information about each organ we have visited:

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