Music is my passion; especially doing it myself by playing the cello or the piano. Even though I'm not that active at the moment, the timeline with past (and sometimes also upcoming) concerts is probably of most interest:



An other interest of me is free and open source software; meaning software whereof the source code is freely accessible to everyone. E.g. I'm participating in the development of Nextcloud what allows me to learn a lot from the colleagues there. Nextcloud gives you the power to operate your own cloud on your own or a rented server.



I also like to create websites; not only my own one...



It gives me great pleasure to record live events or other scenes with my ever-growing videography equipment and then process the recordings afterwards.

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I am ...

... Jonas Sulzer, student and cellist. Apart from my musical activities I currently enjoy spending my free time on web servers and services, and I'm interested in computer sience with a focus on IT security and opensource software.
I'm 20 years old and am currently doing my civil service. I play the cello since I'm five years old and with fifteen years I started with my second instrument, the piano.

Music is worth a thousand Pictures.

Musik sagt mehr als tausend Bilder.

Jonas Sulzer
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